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Ignitus Group is UK's fast growing IT company offering various IT, network and telecom services to improve your business efficiency, productivity, mobility and to generate a higher ROI (retrun on investment) from your IT.

We make "IT" work for you to achieve your business objectives.

Every business (be it a solicitors practice, travel agency, hospitality, retail or any other industry) has specific IT requirements. With our full breadth of IT services, we will work with you to fulfill your specific requirements. We take a flexible approach to our customer relations. At Ignitus, we listen to our clients.

Ignitus is your ONE STOP SHOP for all your IT requirements. We are vigilant in putting together innovative but very cost effective solutions for our clients that is reliable, optimum, and cutting edge.

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  • Ignitus Hostech

    Ignitus Hostech is the specialist set of services designed to serve our hospitality clients...

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  • Ignitus Technologies

    Ignitus Technologies offer network consultancy, installation, IT procurement, maintenance, website design and more...

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  • Ignitus Support

    With state of the art remote monitoring by our in house IT concierge and well trained IT troops on grounds...

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  • Ignitus @ Home

    We believe that technology and computers, no matter where they are installed or used, are in need of petite parenting to work at their best...

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  • Ignitus Dust Off

    We clean because you don't like cleaning. Majority of performance related issues on computers are related to domestic dust...

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